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Wait A Second….This Isn’t What I Want!

You’re going along living your life when it hits you. This isn’t what you want! You’ve been taking the next steps to get to the next stage in life, but you have a moment when you think you must have been a robot just going through the motions because it never before occurred to you that the goals you were working toward weren’t your own.

Maybe it’s because you’ve only been considering what others think you need, maybe it’s because in your town it seems everyone is moving toward one type of life, or maybe you’ve just never really taken note of what makes you feel whole.

Whatever your reasoning is- if you’re on the wrong path- for now, just choose to notice it. It doesn’t mean you need to run away or even start devising a plan to do something new. It just means you need to reflect on what makes you feel happy, fulfilled and productive. 

Figure out what you can do today to make one small turn in that direction, and take it from there. Know it’s never too late to start down another path.

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