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It’s My 29th Birthday, and I’ll Cry If I Want To.

Um. Yeah. I know. 29 is not that old. You’re still so young! You’ve got your whole life ahead of you.

I know. I know. When I’m older than 29, I’ll tell all the 29 year-olds they are young & have their whole lives ahead.

But, right now, this feels like a huge, neon WARNING sign:

BUT you haven’t done everything you thought you’d do before you were 30. Now you only have a year to get the huge house, the 5 kids, and the soccer mom van with the little family stickers on the back (plus the dog and cat).
(Ok, I didn’t really want the van. And I do have the dog and the cat at least.)

I know. I get it. Life doesn’t go as planned, and I’ve already accomplished so much in my career.

Blah, blah, blah. It’s my 29th birthday, and I’ll cry if I want to.    🙂

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