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Chapter 2: A Much Happier Beginning

Well. I owe myself a big I told ya so! Turns out on the other side of a huge life change, on the other side of a winter of lonely nights watching repeat episodes of Modern Family, is a happy ending. Or maybe a happy beginning.

Someone once told me you should believe what people say about love because when people talk about their stories of love and heartbreak, it’s probably the truth.

People gave me plenty of good advice about my situation. “You’re doing the right thing. It feels terrible now, but you’ll be thankful one day. Just when you stop looking, when you think you don’t need someone, that’s when it will come.”

I honestly didn’t believe them.

Now here I am, on the other side, and they were 100% correct. I’m sure you’ve heard it a million times before, and let me add my story to that list. My life is absolutely, every single day so much better than it ever was before. 

This blog was my therapy. I wrote in it almost daily during the worst part of my breakup- after I had taken the plunge and blamed myself for turning everyone’s life upside down. On days where I wanted to turn around and run back into a completely toxic relationship, I wrote instead.


I’m almost 2 years out of that destructive relationship I wrote about, and I can see clearly that getting out was the best decision I ever made in my entire 30 years of life. It was good for everyone involved. If I had stayed, things would have ended eventually, but the damage could have been worse.

Looking back on my writing is difficult because I confused my loneliness and fear with positive feelings about a relationship that shouldn’t have lasted as long as it did. I thought about deleting the blog altogether, but I came to a different conclusion.

1. I’m going to leave my old, painful posts up. Why? Because if they help one person get out of a bad situation or help one person hold onto strength during a lonely moment, then my journey will serve its purpose.

2. I’m ready to start a new blog, writing about the newest adventures in my life. They have to do with fitness and becoming the best ME I can possibly be, which still fits with my theme of fighting my fears and doubts.

SO. If you’re here to find out the real truth about what its like to turn your life upside down because you know its not right, head over to the Relationship Archives to read my journey.

If you want to read about my newest adventures, visit my new pages to follow along with Chapter 2.


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