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A Realist’s Version of Eat, Pray, Love (And It Only Takes One Weekend!)

I think it’s safe to say we’ve all dreamed of doing the whole Eat, Pray, Love thing. Some days we wish we could just leave it all behind, eat to our heart’s content in Italy, spend some time meditating among the beauty of India, and then share it all with someone we love.

Unfortunately, we don’t all have the luxury of taking this type of vacation from life. But, what we can do is take control of our attitude about what we do have, and we can create our own little version of happiness, whether that includes travel to Europe or simply lunch at a café in the next town over.

The Realist’s Eat, Pray, Love in One Weekend  by Idonhav Monifrtravel

Chapter One: Take a Moment for Grace

Take an inventory of all you have accomplished. List every single thing you have to be grateful for from your family to your pink fuzzy slippers. It’s a simple way to realize the comforts of your life as it is. This will also help take the sting out of the fact that we aren’t going to Italy in this version of the book.

Chapter Two: Eat Without Guilt for a Night

Gather one of your closest friends or family members and set a date. Do some research online and pick a fancy restaurant or café to try in the next town over or a few towns away. It should have excellent reviews, and it has to be someplace completely new for the both of you. The point is to try something new and enjoy yourself in a place that feels exciting and foreign. It’s guaranteed to pull you out of any slump.

But, you’re not just going to this restaurant. You’re going to completely take this place by storm. This isn’t any old date night. Be sure you have enough money to buy whatever you feel like eating, and make a pact with yourself that you’ll give up your health-conscious mind for one evening.

First, sit at the bar and order your favorite drink, whether it be a fancy coffee or a glass of wine you’ve never tried before. Order the most extravagant appetizer you can find, and spend some time here. See if you can chat with someone sitting next to you and find out something about their life. You never know what interesting stories you’ll end up hearing when you open yourself to others. Maybe they’ll even be able to teach you some Italian.

After you’ve spent a nice, long time being a social butterfly at the bar, ask to move to the coziest table. Of course, for dinner, you won’t choose your usual. You’ll pick something different and unique because this is your time for variation on the norm.

Finish your meal with a dessert and a coffee, even if you’re full. This whole thing may seem like a gluttonous cover-up for a bad day, and it would be if you were doing it everyday. But, you’re only indulging for a night as part of your enlightenment. Go big.

Chapter Three: Find a Place of Peace

We aren’t going to India, but we are going to find a place of peace, especially after we were so extravagant last night. Bring a book and blanket to your favorite park or a new place you haven’t tried. If the weather is cold, try to find a cozy chair in a coffee shop. Spend the entire day here. I’m serious. One whole day. (Or at the very minimum, 2 hours.) Even if you have to hire a sitter. This is your mental health day.

Curl up with your book or just curl up and close your eyes. Spend your day without worry or stress, and just be.

Chapter Four: Share the Love

Now that you’ve had a few days to yourself and your friends, make it a point to share your love with someone close to you. This can be one of your best friends, your sister, your mom, or your hubby. Stop by a card shop and spend some time finding the perfect card to thank them for being in your life. Really think about how you can use words to express your thanks for having this person in your life. You’ll make their day, and you’ll feel better about yours.

You can have an Eat, Pray, Love Weekend once a month if you need to! Just take a weekend to be mindful of your life and take control of your attitude.


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