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Whatever You Do, Don’t Settle.

Whatever you do, don’t settle. I don’t know how to convince you of this other than telling you I believe it with my whole heart.

Doubt means don’t just about every time.

If you think you’re settling, you are.

If you see red flags, consider them stop signs.

Life has a funny way of pointing things out to us, but somehow the biggest deception is when we turn our heads to it. 

Don’t ignore what The Universe is telling you.

At least you know one thing for sure if you’re having doubt: It’s not right for right now. So, at the very least, take a break from whatever it is and give yourself room to breathe.

Chances are when you detach from this job, relationship, friendship, living situation, whatever- you’ll see much more clearly how you function (better) without it.

Not sure if you’re settling? Pay attention to your body. When you walk into your workplace, sit down to dinner with your significant other, or talk with your friend-whatever the situation-what are you feeling? Do you have that pit deep in your stomach? Are your muscles tightened? Are you slumped over or clenching your hands?

Your body is reacting to your uncomfort and anxiety, and although I spend most of my time trying to get around this anxiety in order to live my life, this is the time to listen to it.

Jobs, relationships, and friendships should not cause this kind of physical reaction. When it is right, it won’t be this stressful.

Do you know you’re settling, but you’re too scared to make the change? Well, you’re in the right company. I’ve spent 28 years of my life being afraid of everything around me. Instead of changing, I tried to control it and manipulate everything carefully so it wouldn’t hurt me too much.

6 months ago I started this blog as part of my journey to get out of that place and awaken to the courage I’ve always had.

I used to hate quotes like these:

It’s a great quote about putting your all into your efforts. But, when you’re settling, reading quotes like this just makes you feel like crap. You’re thinking:

I’m watering. I keep watering and watering. I’ve tried everything. All I seem to be doing is making mud! 

When you’re settling, it doesn’t matter how hard you try. In fact, chances are you’ve probably already tried to make this work in absolutely every way you can.

You’re searching for a glimmer of a response or change from your partner/friend/job, and you come up empty every time. It’s because this isn’t right.

Getting yourself out of settling is just what it sounds like- unsettling. Change isn’t easy. But nothing good ever comes easily, right?

If you know something isn’t right for you right now, choose to do something about it.

You’ll thank yourself later, and I truly believe The Universe will bring you something you could’ve never had if you had kept holding on.

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