Life Lessons in Fear Fighting Mindfulness

Reminder: Don’t Procrastinate.

This isn’t going to be super philosophical or anything. It’s not going to be a huge lightbulb moment where you realize something you had never thought of before.

It’s really just a reminder.

Since I’m a teacher, this comes at an especially important time. It’s September, and school is starting up again. I just wanted to remind myself not to procrastinate.

Don’t put it off, don’t avoid it, don’t throw it in a pile off to the side. As soon as a task comes your way, just bite the bullet and get it done. If you can’t get it done in the next five minutes, put it in a folder labeled “To Do This Week” or “To Do Today”. But, if you can do it in the next five minutes, just DO IT! Remember the reward will be deleting it from your e-mail account, crossing it off your list, or just getting it out of your already-full mind.

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