Life Lessons in Fear Fighting Mindfulness

Random Mantras on a Wednesday Morning

I had some random thoughts I wanted to keep in mind these days…so here are my little mantras.

1. No matter how much worrying, planning, and avoiding I do, I can’t control the outcome, so I should really not bother trying. Life is meant to be unpredictable.

2. Because of this, I will make my decisions based on what is best for right now, not for the future. I will try to be mindful of the fact that as long as it’s right for now, it will be right for the future as well. I need to trust the path I’m on.

3. I will remain in the present rather than in the past or in the future, taking each moment in and enjoying it or just feeling it for what it is, even if it is painful.

4. I will stop judging myself, comparing my life to others, and picking apart my flaws. Perfection doesn’t exist in me or in anyone else, and that’s Ok. Stop expecting it.

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