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A Note About Excuses

I had so much going on yesterday…

I have an apointment…

I don’t feel well…

I’ve been so busy with work/school/fill in the blank…

I’m guilty of using all of these along with just about all of the excuses I can possibly think of. I actually take pleasure in having a real, fact-based excuse vs. a flat-out fib. (Please tell me you can relate.) I’m even guilty of (falsely!) blaming my pets and family members for my faults!
As I was trying to think up a creative excuse I hadn’t used yet to explain off another short coming, I came up with a brilliant idea.

What if I just skip the excuse and apologize for what I’ve done? You know, take some ownership? And I don’t even want to promise to make a change unless I really intend to, or that just adds to the lying trend I have going on.

After all, excuses really serve only to make us feel a little better about something we didn’t put our full effort into.

What if, even for a week, we tried skipping the excuses? Just apologize and omit the reasoning behind it. Simple.

I bet the person on the recieving end will appreciate not having to roll their eyes at what they know very well is just another awkward, lame excuse.

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