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Shopping in a Different Grocery Store is Annoying

How frustrating is it when you need to stop for groceries in the next town over?

First of all, it looks a little like your grocery store, but everything is in the wrong place! You sense something feels a little familiar, but you’re still lost.

Before long, you’re confused, frustrated, and walking around in circles. You are starting to really miss your grocery store, and you remind youself never to shop here again. (Why is the bakery next to the freezer section anyway? It just doesn’t make sense here.)

But, you need groceries, so you turn your cart around as many times as it takes. You eventually make it to the check out aisle, and you feel a sense of acomplishment. You stuck with the uncomfort and made it through.

It might be a farfetched analysis, but my trip to a neighboring grocery store reminded me a lot of my life right now. Uncomfortable, unsettled, unfamiliar, and frustrating.

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