Courage Life Lessons in Fear Fighting

Pushing Out Doubt

I’m really tired of wrestling with Doubt. He’s not particularly strong by himself, but he’s like that little scrappy rascal that just won’t shut up. His high-pitched voice is hard to ignore & he squeals over and over again!

This isn’t right. You’ve made a mistake! Take it all back. You’re the crazy one. Everything would’ve been just fine. You didn’t need to make such a drastic change. Why weren’t you just happy with the way things were? Why can’t you just sit still and stop over-analyzing? You think way too much into things. No one else is this particular. Get it together.

He’s a little difficult to fend off because he comes back with the slightest memory, any little trigger, every quiet moment.
So how do you fight back something this feisty?

Match it. 

Match it with positive thoughts, even if they’re fake. Even if you totally made them up because I told you to. 

I used to read magazine articles advising the reader to write positive thoughts on a piece of paper and tape it to the mirror each morning.

Of course I don’t mean to offend anyone who has been doing this, but I honestly used to think this was a ridiculous idea. How could a piece of paper with words on it really change your thinking?

Now I’m eating my words. I’m writing a blog post about why you should tape a note, write in lipstick, or whatever to fill your mind with inspiration.

If the tapes in your head are playing messages of doubt, take a minute to rewind and tape over them!

(If you need to literally use a tape player, I don’t blame you one bit. Except…maybe lose the tape player-there’s gotta be an app for that.) 

Write down 4 or 5 positive mantras & put them on repeat in your head. Break down that Doubt with a broken record of positive messages. He’ll fight back for a while, but he’ll tire eventually.
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