Courage Life Lessons in Fear Fighting

Let Go, Let God/Faith/The Universe or Whatever Higher Being

I was raised Catholic- I prayed every night when I was little using the prayers my grandmother taught me. But I never had a really meaningful relationship with God. I went to church mostly out of guilt or to find peace and the comfort of routine steeped in my grandmother’s values.

Somewhere in adulthood I lost that Faith, but I know I’m ready to embrace it again.

Suddenly, I belive in God/Faith/The Universe (Something higher-whatever it is) whole-heartedly, and not because someone told me to. I know The Universe has given me certain circumstances I needed at just the right times.

I know He gave me “The Last Straw” in my relationship as a gift, allowing me to gather the strength to go.

He has given me the opportunity to meet new people I can gain insight and a deeper understanding from.

He has even led me to books, articles, and blogs I believe were exactly what I needed at the time.

I’ve been waiting a long, long time, but I believe I’m finally in a place where I can let go of my decisions in life and let that Higher Being give me what He will.

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