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Date Night Calendar for Shower or Wedding

So, Matt and I somehow pulled off planning a wedding in under 4 months. I guess that’s a post in itself I’ll have to write! It was actually not bad at all, and it turned out perfectly. It was so much less stress when we didn’t have to wait and think about every decision for months. (Plus I would’ve wasted about five times as much time drooling over Pinterest boards.)

I did a lot of crafting and DIY to try to save time and money, but my most creative idea actually didn’t come from Pinterest! It occurred to me after seeing a Groupon for one of those 12×12 photo calendars.

We wanted a way to have our guests contribute to some date night ideas for us, but we didn’t want to do the typical idea of writing a date night idea on a card. Realistically I probably would’ve just lost the cards or stuffed them in a box somewhere.

Instead, we ordered one of those photo calendars with photos of us for each month of the year. I tried to use match up pictures we had taken in that month the previous year. On the cover of the calendar, I added text with directions.


Leave some pens by the calendar, and let guests write their idea in a particular date. The best part was that our guests included local events like 5ks and local festivals that we might have otherwise forgotten about. The ideas will keep us busy all year long! Make sure your guests sign their name so you know who to thank after you have an amazing time.


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