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Tracking a Big Breakfast in 2 Minutes

Ok, so. I eat a huge breakfast every morning. I measure it, I track it, and I like starting my day that way. I pretty much eat the same thing every day: Hash browns, egg whites with cheese and sometimes veggies, and turkey bacon. {Although sometimes I’m in the mood for something sweet & I eat a mug cake.}

I also go to the gym in the morning, and I have to be to work by 8.

Am I going to let that stop me? No way!

Have I cut it pretty close to 8am getting to work? Um yeah. But it’s so worth it. A big breakfast puts me in a good mood & prevents me from getting hangry. {Combo of hungry + angry = not pretty}

Someone once asked me how I eat this big breakfast and track it in such a short amount of time.

So I decided to challenge myself to a race! How quickly could I make breakfast and track it?


I had everything tracked and on the stove in 2 minutes. Plated in 5 minutes.

Here’s the proof…but first…a few disclaimers.

1. I sped the video up…so it shows me moving at lightening speed in 1 min. 🙂 I can’t actually move that fast…that I know of.

2. If I’m in a real rush I throw the eggs and cheese and bacon in a mug, microwave for 2 mins, and eat it in the car. I’m serious about this hangry issue.

3. My zero button is not working on my scale- that would’ve cut time down even more.

4. I couldn’t enter anything in my app for obvious reasons. I did that after the video. Add 30 seconds?

5. I had 3 dogs watching me.

See? Tracking isn’t too bad. If I can do it, you can do it! Crazy to think I was just guessing about what I was putting in my body for 30 years…


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