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{Guilt-Free & Simple} Sham-Rockin’ Minty Oreo Truffles

I’m in love with the truffles. 😉

You know…the ones people make around Christmas time for cookie exchanges- the ones made with a package of Oreos and cream cheese, covered in melted chocolate. Yummmmmm….

When I love a food, I’ll either have it in moderation or try to recreate it in such a way that I can enjoy MORE of it for the same amount of macros. I’m pretty proud of how these little truffles came out.

Easy to make, easy to store in the freezer or fridge- and the best part? Check out these MACROS:

{If you make 40 truffles with a swirl of chocolate topping}

Each Truffle: 1f/9c/2p

Seriously. What a perfect way to use up those carbs after dinner!

Here’s how it’s done:

1 package chocolate graham crackers

1 8oz package fat free cream cheese

White chocolate chips

1 tsp peppermint extract

{About 1/4 cup milk or water}

{Mint Oreo cookie toppings/sprinkles/etc. optional}

<3 <3 <3


We need to smoosh up those graham crackers. I used a food processor to get the crumbs pretty fine. You could smash ’em up by hand, but the truffles may be a bit chunky that way. I did leave a few chunks in mine.

Toss the crumbs in a mixing bowl and mix well with cream cheese and mint extract until starting to form sticky chunks. I had to add a few splashes of milk to get mine to be the right sticky consistency. Water would work too.

Form the mixture into small balls & freeze for at least 30 mins. This way, if you decide to cover them in melted chocolate, they’ll be easier to deal with.


I had the full intention of making these a little more heavy macro-wise by dunking the whole truffle in melted white chocolate. {Microwave the chocolate chips 1 min and use a fork to help you cover the truffle.}

But, I quickly realized this was messy & time consuming & would add a lot to my macro count. So I covered a only few completely.

With the remaining truffles, I decided to use a frosting bag to add a melted chocolate swirl. If you’re going to do this, you could use a squeeze bottle to just do a chocolate drizzle. You could also make a cream cheese frosting rather than melted chocolate. Either way, just add green food coloring to make it decorative.


If you’re heading to a St Patty’s Day party, you could definitely get fancy with this. Green sprinkles, chocolate drizzle, crushed mint Oreos…whatever you’d like.

I’m a lazy baker, so I opted for the simple chocolate swirl. Here’s some more pretty pics of these delicious little bites. 🙂





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