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I am lucky enough to be able to grocery shop with my nutrition & strength coach. We spend a ridiculously unnecessary amount of time in the grocery store because we’ve made a game out of reading labels.

The challenge? We’re trying to find the best foods that will taste good & help us get the most enjoyment out of our macros. But seriously. The employees there must think we’re nuts. We literally spend hours- it’s very exciting stuff. Like the time we discovered Fat Free Cool Whip.


But, don’t worry. You don’t need to spend hours at the store. We’ll help you!

We do have very different opinions when it comes to choosing food. I tend to pick foods based on their health benefits & macros while Matt goes for taste & macros. There isn’t one food list out there that will work for everyone. You’ve got to figure out your numbers and buy what works for you.

So. If you promise you won’t think this is what you MUST eat and that this is some sort of MACRO DIET THING…then I suppose I can share some of our favorite grocery store staples. Hopefully you’ll see something you like!

{If you still think this is a diet…please go back to my Flexible Dieting Overview!}


We basically live off of “taco bowls” because we can fill huge bowls with the stuff & it hardly shows up  when we track macros. So we always stock up on peppers of all kinds, onions, lettuce, tomato, and avocado. We also eat a ton of zucchini– zucchini with pizza toppings, zucchini lasagna, spaghetti squash- you name it. I’m a huge fan of sauteed brussels sprouts, Matt…not so much.


We buy Boar’s head turkey or chicken– no slimy stuff for me! Nothing out of the ordinary here.

I love my sandwiches on these tasty wraps– low carb, high fiber. Perfect.




Matt is more of a bread guy. He likes Country Kitchen. 0.5f/17c/4f/4p in 2 slices

Turkey Pepperoni also makes the deli list- high in protein, low in everything else. Processed, but I don’t really care. It’s tasty. And we can make pizza with it.


In the meat section, we stick to lean meat. Fish, 99% lean ground turkey, turkey breast, chicken breast, and once in a while we treat ourselves to 96% lean ground beef.

Al Fresco chicken sausage is YUMMY in the morning and for dinner. They have WAY more to choose from online than they do in our local store. {Hey, Hannaford, can you stock up? Thanks.}


1 link = 5f/2c/13p

We like turkey bacon. I make it everyday for breakfast & throw it on my turkey burger too. It takes some getting used to if you like regular bacon, but it’s delicious and packed with protein. Check the label for the best macros- Applegate Farms has 1.5f/0c/6p in a slice.

Canned Goods

I generally like to stay away from anything super processed. But, there are a few items I can’t live without.

Salad Dressing. Gotta have it. It also makes a good marinade. Our fav? Maple Grove Farms.

FF_balsamic vinaigrette

0f/3c in 2 tbsp

While we’re at it, we like Maple Grove Farms syrup, too.


0f/12c in 1/4 cup

Grab some tuna, some hot sauce, I like bubbly water, quinoa’s good, now let’s talk about pizza sauce.

TIME OUT. This has nothing to do with macros! I just wanted to tell you that this is the best canned pizza and spaghetti sauce I’ve ever tasted.


Moving on to the Freezer section.

We stock up on Fat Free Cool Whip because it is delicious in between 2 chocolate graham crackers with mini chocolate chips! Just be sure to stick to a few tablespoons, and that’s a pretty macro-friendly dessert.

Picture 2


For nights we won’t have much time to cook, we get our french fry fix with Alexia Sweet Potato Fries.



I’m a HUGE french fry fan, but not a big fan of freezer fries. No matter what I do, they always seem to come out soggy instead of crispy…but not these! They crisp right up & taste gooooood.

On to Dairy

We pick up Simply Potatoes for breakfast along with egg whites. I love my nonfat, plain Greek Yogurt for a snack. (Mix in some mini chocolate chips & protein powder…tastes like cookie dough.)

Full fat cottage cheese is my go-to after-school snack. I throw it on some lettuce with grape tomatoes, fresh ground black pepper & balsamic dressing to hold me over until dinnertime.

Cheese is debatable. We buy both fat free mozzerella and reduced fat cheddar. This gives us some choice and control at the end of the night about how much fat we want to use on cheese.

…last, but not least- I Can’t Believe its not Butter spray butter! I’m not sure about the health benefits of this stuff, but adding a buttery taste without the fat content of real butter works for me.


Our local Hannaford is a pretty good source for everything we need, but we do buy a few things online. Check out for protein powder & Quest Bars. I can’t seem to find Kodiak Cakes locally, although they do list Target as a retailer. If you love oatmeal, check out


Checking Out

I’m certainly not a nutrition expert, but this is my starting point. For the first time, I’m not grocery shopping based on random recipe lists. I’m making conscious choices about the foods I’ll be putting into my body that week. The more I shop, the more foods I fall in love with. It’s about becoming aware of a food’s impact on your daily functions and making smarter decisions.

Happy Shopping!


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