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Big Ol’ List of Breakfast Ideas

Ok. So I thought I’d round up a bunch of breakfast ideas for when you want to start your day off right. Some I’ve tried, some I think I invented, and some are on my list to try. Hope you’re hungry!


{Links & descriptions below}

1. The Classic

You can’t go wrong with this- back to basics- cheesy eggs, turkey bacon, hash browns. I eat it just about every morning. When I’m out of hash browns, I substitute toast & PB2.

2. The Classic as a Muffin

Or chop up all of ingredients, toss in a muffin pan, bake on Sunday & have breakfast ready for the week!

OR. If you’re like me and forget to prep on Sunday, just throw this stuff in a mug and microwave for 2 minutes. Microwaved eggs taste just like stovetop eggs. #promise

3. For the Sweet Tooth: Cookie Dough Brownie Batter Fudge Mug

1 scoop chocolate protein powder / 1 tbsp cocoa powder / 1/4 cup light cottage cheese / 1/4 tsp baking powder / 1/4 tsp vanilla / 1/4 tsp butter extract / Blend and top with… 1 tbsp sugar free chocolate syrup or sweetwner / Cookie Dough Quest Bar microwave 30 seconds 10f/30c/54p/18fiber

4. Overnight Oats

If you’re dreaming of breakfast the night before, you could put some overnight oats in the fridge. I picked out Peanut Butter Cup, but you could make a fruity version. I would use PB2 in this recipe to reduce the fat content. My tummy is a little sensitive to oats, I’d probably cut them with chia seed. There are tons of recipes out there. Check out for the tastiest oats IMO.

5. Protein Pancakes

I know this is a pretty obvious choice. However, I’ve tried a lot of gross protein pancake recipes. Some, when done incorrectly, produce some sort of weird cooked MUSH. This can be highly disappointing, especially when the pictures online looked perfectly fluffy and round. And I hate to waste protein powder…so I usually just throw some syrup on & begrudgingly eat that mush.

For this reason, I think a pancake mix is the best recommendation because it will yield the most consistent pancake result. You can still add whatever you’d like to the mix to jazz it up. The most popular brand seems to be Kodiak Cakes, which you can buy online or find at Super Target or Fresh Market.

PS…they can also be formed into waffles with a waffle iron. Just sayin’.

6 and 7. Make-Ahead Breakfast Burritos and Breakfast Sandwiches

I’m about to tell you something that may freak you out a little. These recipes are for FROZEN breakfast burritos and premade breakfast sandwiches. There’s something about a frozen, cooked egg that gives me the creeps, but let’s just process this for a second. Here’s another breakfast that could be prepped ahead of time, and you could grab one on your way out the door, pop it in the microwave, and eat it on the way to work. AND it would be a really satisfying breakfast to go, not something wimpy like a granola bar. A nice, hearty breakfast to go. {You could write the macros in sharpie on the wrapper.}

I would change the recipe to egg whites & use one my favorite Tumaro’s Low Carb Wraps for the burritos. Be sure to click the breakfast sandwich link! She has amazing pictures & shows a quick way to prep them all at once using the egg muffin method & an indoor grill. Drool-worthy.

8. Protein Pumpkin Butter English Muffin

This isn’t the most beautiful breakfast you’ve ever seen {sorry for the lame pic on a paper plate}, but it is pretty delicious and could be made a variety of ways.

I mixed pure pumpkin with vanilla protein powder and spread on a toasted muffin. But what about whipping some nonfat cream cheese & mixing in pumpkin or banana or cinnamon? Or chocolate? Or PB2? This is a great way to get your “bagel” and spread fix.

If you’re totally hooked on bagels, you can fit them in. Here’s a more macro-friendly bagel– full size and everything.

9. Banana Splits

Yeah. For real. It’s Greek Yogurt + Banana + Strawberry + Sprinkles. I’d add some protein powder or PB2 because I’m obsessed. It’s quick, it’s easy, it’s good. I say top with sugar-free Hershey’s syrup or mini-chocolate chips too if you’re feeling crazy. That will put you in a good mood for sure on a Monday morning!

10. Kale Frittata

I just kept getting this picture when I would search for breakfast ideas, and I couldn’t resist. I made this a few weeks ago for dinner when we desperately needed groceries. Here were my substitutions:

*Use fat free mozzarella. It doesn’t exactly brown up unless you brush it with egg whites, but it melts just fine and tastes fantastic. Sprinkle a tablespoon or two of parmesan cheese on top to get the same salty effect without using mostly parmesan.

*I would use egg whites and skip the olive oil or just use a teaspoon. You can use baking spray & it won’t stick- saves on fat per slice.

*Substitute turkey bacon or turkey pepperoni for salami/pepperoni. Listen. I love salami as much as the next Italian girl, but I can live with turkey. If I were making it for dinner, I might also chop up a slice of salami and throw it in there. Indulging in small doses makes the most sense here.

This is so filling and just wonderful. Breakfast in pie form. Can’t beat it.

Here’s to hoping these 10 breakfast ideas help you start your week or your day off right!




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