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Behind the Scenes #porncakesundays

Since I’m just starting my fitness journey, I started following a lot of fitness people on Instagram. I was quickly launched into a world of new hashtags.

That’s when one, simple, amazing hastag came across my feed: #porncakesundays

If you’re not familiar with this hashtag, do a quick instagram search for #porncakesundays or @fitness_iq. You’ll find picture after picture of pancakes stacked up a mile high with frosting and chocolate syrup and pretzals and candy and Oreos crushed over the top. Peanut butter, bananas, Nutella.

I’ll give you a minute to stop drooling over the pics.

So…I decided to try my hand at one of these! What better way to have a delicious Sunday breakfast and gain a few new followers?

Not so easy. Here’s the real truth behind #porncakesundays.

I spent the week thinking of an idea that would be new and fresh for the hashtag. I wanted to really stand out. Everyone seems to be excited about Red Velvet Oreos- so I planned the perfect pancake. Red Velvet pancakes with white cream cheese frosting and crushed RV Oreos on top…drizzled with chocolate, obviously.

I went out & bought all the ingredients. I was ready.

That morning:: Wake up:: Check my Instagram:: Someone posted those exact pancakes:: They looked phenom.

Oh well. Back to square one.

I didn’t have time for the grocery store, so I checked my kitchen stash. It was Valentine’s Day, so there had to be some sort of pink.

Strawberry syrup? Nope. Pink food coloring? Nope. This was starting to look hopeless.

Luckily, I happened to have marshmallows, fluff, and pink sprinkles.

Perfect! I’ll melt it all together. I’ll make some baby pink frosting layered with white/pink pancakes covered in pink sprinkles. It’ll be so cute…no one will be able to resist. Then, we can eat ’em.

Fast forward. Two hours later.

The kitchen’s covered in sticky, pink marshmellow:: The pancakes are close to falling over:: I have fluff:: Everywhere. Dishes:: Everywhere. Matt fell back asleep an hour ago:: My stomach is growling:: The dogs need to go out:: I feel like I’m on an episode of Cupcake Wars.


After some careful stacking, about 5 batches of pancakes, and playing around with toothpicks, I was finally able to snap a few pics of the delicious mess.



I think they turned out pretty cute, and it was fun to try. But, they were MUCH easier to make in my mind. And…by the way….we couldn’t even come close to eating them all! Happy #porncakesunday!


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